High Running Accuracy Precision Bearings

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A five-degree-of-freedom quasi-static model based on the internal geometric relationship is developed to analyze high speed precision angular contact ball bearings' running accuracy. It takes the centrifugal force, gyroscopic moment of balls, lubrication and manufacturing inaccuracy such as waviness into consideration. A numerical iterative program is adopted to solve the problem. The emphasis of this paper is placed on the influence of running surface waviness on angular contact ball bearings' radial non-repeatable runout. It's found that the radial non-repeatable runout of the bearing rotation center is remarkable only when specific combinations of orders of the radial and axial waviness on the bearing rings are met. For the case of existence of waviness on only one ball, the running accuracy will be affected obviously only when the waviness order is even, but not when that is odd, and the radial non-repeatable runout decreases as the number of balls increases.