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As bearing operational conditions vary depending on devices in which bearings are mounted, different performances are demanded of bearings. Normally, two or more bearings are used on one shaft.

In many cases, in order to locate shaft positions in the axial direction, one bearing is mounted on the fixed side first, then the other bearing is mounted on the free side.

When bearing intervals are short and shaft shrinkage does not greatly affect bearing operation, a pair of angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings is used in paired mounting to accommodate axial load After mounting, the axial clearance is adjusted using nuts or shimsThis bearing is employed to compensate for expansion or shrinkage caused by operating temperature change and to allow ajustment of bearing position.Bearings which accommodate radial load only and whose inner and outer rings are separable are recommended as free side bearings. In general, if non-separable bearings are used on free side, clearance fit is provided between outer ring and housing to compensate for shaft movement through bearings.In some cases, clearance fit between shaft and inner ring is utilized